June 2005

  • This Pretty Much Sums it Up.

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    by Jack Kornfield

    Many Buddhist practitioners have questioned what to do in these turbulent times. More than anything, I believe the world is in need of a spiritual perspective. The Dharma, the teachings of generosity, virtue, loving-kindness and wisdom are non-partisan. The benefits of dharma teachings can …


  • Opulent Temple’s Inside the Psyche of a Freak ~ Saturday, June 11th

    Saturday, June 11th
    Opulent Temple camp party:
    Inside the Psyche of a Freak!

    What does go on in that delightfully off base, non-conformist, shiny color sporting, mind adventuring, dance your ass shakin psyche of yours? What delightful elements of consciousness make you the benign freak that you are? Let’s …