Saturday, June 12th: G.A.B.A. M.O.O.D.

GABA MOOD is a new Opel venture, an experimental journey into deep non-cheesey but uplifting progressive trance in an underground setting.

Here’s the deal. What we call good trance was the gate way music for a lot of people into the dance music scene. In the late 90’s it split into progressive house and fluffy commercial crap. The best of […]

Saturday, June 12th: G.A.B.A. M.O.O.D.2022-06-17T23:53:28+00:00

Infuse Recap

It’s hard to summarize what the night was like.

Except maybe WOW, but that doesn’t capture the scope, or the
vibe. The goal of bringing people together from the many different tribes we
share and creating some magic on the dance floor was actualized. It was a really,
really special night, and we at Opel are in deep gratitude to you for Showing
Up on Saturday […]

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Meet Your Opel Residents

has never been about
one kind of music, but one kind of party. A party that places a high value on
friendliness, community, social action, and consciousness. As our banner reads,
a party that values truth, beauty, love, and freedom. (And funky freaks too of
course, we love freaks.)

We’ve decided to pick up some more official residents that help define what
we’re about, and to grace us […]

Meet Your Opel Residents2022-06-17T23:53:29+00:00

Infuse: A Tribal Odyssey ~ Saturday, May 15th

Saturday, May 15th

Final Misson at KMR. Relax, it’s just a party… NOT. This is an EVENT! Infuse is a gathering designed to be a party infused with consciousness.

We are tired of a world without substance, in which nothing is sacred and the vast majority of vehicles of entertainment are done without any regard for the raising of the […]

Infuse: A Tribal Odyssey ~ Saturday, May 15th2022-06-17T23:53:29+00:00

Food for Thought returns

For those that have been hanging out with us for a while, you may know I used to write a monthly column for the website of the San Francisco Late Night Coalition called ‘Food for Thought’. It was my musings on the scene, the city, and the role of lived spirituality in the modern world.

The last one was April of last […]

Food for Thought returns2022-06-17T23:53:29+00:00
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