10 Year Anniversary – Part II

March 3, 2012 at Mighty

After Felguk for the Opel 10 Year Anniversary – Part 2
Going on after Felguk for the Opel 10 year is not a time for subtlety. I played pretty banging electro, some filthy bassy techno and of course some breakbeat. I was pretty indulgent, playing some old tracks I love because I took the liberty of some retrospective moments, as well as what was brand new that weekend. This is prime time Sydious Maximous, ten years in the making. (Natural Born Killers intro added just for fun when we re-mastered it to even the levels out).

Intro – The Demon
1. Rumour (RVMPD) : Adele, Elite Force
2. Swoon Anthem (RVMPD) : Chemical Brothers, Miles Dyson, Elite Force
3.  Lick The Scratch (RVMPD) : Mord Fustang, Thomas Bangalter, Elite Force
4. Gold : Fussy Boy  (Mord Fustang Remix)
5. Gold : Fussy Boy  (original)
6. Wink Wink : Blende (Vandal Edit)
7.  EhCmon : Cosmopolitan (Blendetect Remix)
8.  Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker : Dada Life
9. I Need : The Loops of Fury
10. Krakken : Hunter Vaughn (The Loops Of Fury Remix)
11. Slam the Dooor : Zedd
12. Breakn A Sweat  : The Doors, Skrillex, Zedd (Zedd Remix)
13. Save the World : Swedish House Mafia (Zedd Remix)
14. The Champ: Wolfgang Gartner
15. The Way It Was : Wolfgang  Gartner
16. The Day Before : (Quadrat Beat) Chevy One Remix
17. Clubbing : Colombo
18. Laserlights & Strobes : Elite Force
19. Break : Lee Coombs
20. Illuminati : The Gulf Gate Project  (Ways Means Remix)
21. Lights : Hyper
22. Bittersweet Anthem : Wiley Webb