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  • Opel 3 Year Anniversary Event ~ Saturday, March 5th

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    Saturday, March 5th

    Infuse: the Divine Mirror
    w/ Hybrid

    3 years ago Opel was born with the intention of fusing the lessons of the underground – community building, inspiring connection, intentional, sacred dance, and providing a platform for multiple artistic expressions with the fruits of the …


  • The 7th Day…Sunday, Febraury 20th

    On the 7th Day…
    There was BASS!

    Sunday, Febraury 20th, come celebrate the holiday weekend with Opel and Spundae as we observe the Sabbath by rocking your innards with nothing but the good stuff. Sunday night parties on 3 day weekends is what made Spundae famous, Opel is proud


  • The Rapture of Sensuelle ~ Saturday, January 29th

    Saturday, January 29th
    The Rapture of Sensuelle

    For 2 years now, Opel has been wanting to do a sensually themed party for the underground. Always looking to broaden our palette of fun, we’ve wanted to provide a safe, intimate, feminine, sexy playground for dance, chill and sensory delight.
    The elements …


  • Gabriel & Dresden – Friday, January 28th

    Friday, January 28th
    Spundae, Opel and Mezzanine present
    a special extended set from Gabriel and Dresden

    Gabriel and Dresden are a production and DJ duo that have been sky rocketing the last 2 years. Their tracks have been on the ‘A’ list of the world’s top DJ’s and they’ve been …


  • GABA MOOD (Evolution Edition)

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    Saturday, January 15th

    Always interested in mixing it up, Opel brings you another edition of GABA MOOD: aka ‘the good trance party’.

    In a town dominated by house and breaks, every once in a while we like to offer an alternative: a vibe based exploration into more progressive shades of …


  • BEATMATCH ~ Friday, January 7th

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    Beatmatch is a great concept for a party. Get 3 tribes together under one roof to provide musical and community synergy….

    You’ll be sure to hear smokin breaks, hard trance, dark progressive, world beats, progressive house, and who knows what else? With 4 rooms including the re-modelled …


  • New Years Eve 2005

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    On the biggest party night of the year, come party with us!
    Infuse: NYE

    New Years Eve can be the over top controlled mayhem of the higest fun, or it can be a big let down. Opel’s Infuse is on target to be all about the former. For $45 bucks …


  • Day One: News Years Day 2005

    Let there be groove, and there was groove.

    Well actually, there will have been uninterrupted groove all night long and into the morning at Paradise Lounge, as it’s essentially one party cut in two parts for easier digestion. he he

    Our official Day One party is simply a continuation of …