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  • 2005 Closing Party: Friday, 12-30

    2005 Closing Party: It’s the night before New Years Eve, who goes out? You do!

    One of the biggest names in breakbeat comes to Mighty, and the price is right. Perhaps you’re skipping NYE altogether, perhaps you’re up for 2 nights of big fun. Either way we’ve got you covered……


  • Opulent Temple’s Sacred Dust ~ Saturday, November 12th

    Saturday, November 12th
    Opulent Temple Post Playa Party and Fundraiser…

    Sacred Dust

    Whether you rocked to Lorin on Wednesday night, got some Scumfrog on Thursday, joined thousands to see Oakenfold on Friday night, had peak experience with Tiesto and Lee Coombs on Saturday night, chilled in the dome, marvelled at …


  • Halloween Weekend w/ Opel: Saturday, October 29th

    Saturday, October 29th
    The annual Halloween Opel bash returns to celebrate the Living before the Day of the Dead!
    w/ Meat Katie & Lorin

    The party Gods are with us on this one (or is it the party demons…) We had planned on rocking the …


  • Halloween Weekend w/ Opel: Friday, October 28th

    Friday, October 28th: Tramps and Beat Freaks!

    Bringing a double dose of Halloween ghoulish fun, Laird and Get Yer Freak On join Syd and Opel for a naughty costume party for Tramps and Beat Freaks.

    With house and breaks coming at you in 2 rooms at …


  • Opulent Temple & House of Lotus Recompression

    Sunday, October 9th
    Opulent Temple & House of Lotus Recompression: A Meeting of the Corners!

    You’ve heated the street at Decompression, now let’s take into the night just a block away at Sublounge, for our annual after party. 2 rooms of house, breaks, and progressive with the OT, HOL and …


  • Let there be Love! – Opel Love Parade Weekend

    Saturday, September 24th

    Opel’s Love Parade After Party
    w/ Lee Coombs, Hyper & Lorin

    It’s year 2 for America’s version of Love Parade, here in our backyard just where it should be. Opel will once again be on the pulse and in the heart of it. And we’re stoked!

    After …


  • One Love, Many Beats : Opel @ Love Parade

    For the Love of the music, of the people, for peace and tolerance, and unity in diversity.
    That’s Love Parade.

    Thank God for Love!
    In a time of war, what better thing to celebrate than love? With so much strife, suffering, and acrimony in our nation and in our world, …


  • Love Benefit ~ Saturday, August 13th

    Saturday, August 13th
    Show some love for the Love!

    Opel and Qool will be doing a float together at Love Parade 2005. NICE! This is an expensive endeavor and we’re hoping for some support to make it the sickest, phattest, most bombastically beautiful float we can put together. Our float …