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Opel Productions: Sensuelle : August 4th
The Kama Sutra of Sensuelle
Saturday, August 4th @ the Porn Palace

For the past 2 years Sensuelle has become one of our most anticipated events, with a nice departure from the party norm. This year we spice it up even more by collaborating with our quality friends at Kinky Salon, our co-conspirators of fun at the Valentine's Ball and Allegoria NYE party. It's a 1-2 combo of delight and celebration.

We have loads of extras and goodies and eye candy. It's going to be quite the beautiful evening with of course awesome music.

This is a sexy party, NOT a play party. There is no nudity allowed. Consider it purely spicy vanilla.... Guys arriving without a female friend / escort / etc. should get a pre-sale. -OR- make a reservation on the 'cool dude' list by e mailing syd@opelproductions.com

If you just show up and you seem like you 'get it' (you're not a lurker / lemon / etc.) upon chatting, and you're not dressed like a slob (sorry - no jeans or sports gear), you should have no problem getting in. Tix available at the door. Please see more info below!

2 options:
One just for Sensulle, or one for Sensuelle + the after party at Kinky Salon's Mission Control (where you can get as naughty as you want to be)

$15 pre-sale for Sensuelle available HERE.

$25 pre-sale for Sensuelle + KS After Party available HERE.

Come and indulge your senses at Sensuelle. Dive into an intoxicating world of sensual delight and pleasures.

Tantric priestesses teach you sensual secrets from their mysterious temples
Lounge in the harem and get pampered by slave-boys.

Also featuring:
Tantric ritual by Bast (www.tantrictemple.com)
Erotic bondage demos by Kink.com (www.kink.com)
Kinky Salon presents ‘The Garden’ (www.kinkysalon.com)
Henna Tattoo artists
Aphrodisiac treats
Sensory installations
The Harem Chill Lounge with DJs Delachaux and The Barron

*DRESSCODE* : NO jeans or sportwear - even with a pre-sale. Please don't make us turn you away!!

We'd prefer if you considered: Turbans, bhindi, henna tattoos, gypsies, fakirs, Prince of Persia, Queen of Sheba, I dream of Jeannie, belly dancers, slave boys and girls, harem girls, Hindu gods and goddesses, tactile, sensual, furry, playa sexy, lingerie, etc.

This year's theme, the Kama Sutra of Sensuelle, will once again be a celebration of the feminine, the sensual, the sacred, the soft, the goddess, with a little benign naughtiness thrown in for spice. This Opel & Kinky Salon special event will take some extra steps to ensure the kind of vibe and space we want to create, and we hope you'll come along for the ride. We want to create a dance event with a broader, safer range of self expression, performance art, music, and connection. So.... to create this space we're encouraging of course all women to come celebrate with us, and men to come along with a woman to ensure the right kind of ratio we'd like. We don't want to exclude anybody! Gay male couples welcome. Single men arriving without a pre-sale ticket or a female escort need to make a reservation, simply by e mailing syd@opelproductions.com.

Mission Control (2519 Mission Street) 1am till 6am
They will be available at the door
Single guys will need a Kinky Salon Single Guy License for the afterparty

August 4, 2007 01:37 PM, by Syd Gris

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