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Opel Productions: Opulent Temple's Professional's Party 7-15
Saturday: May 13th. Opel recommends The Professional's Party
A Burning Man camp party and fundraiser for the Opulent Temple

Sometimes you just want to party with other fun professionals*, this is a party for you.

After going big for our May fundraiser at Mezzanine, which rocked, we're going more cozy and intimate for our last camp fundraiser before the great desert pilgrimmage.

The Professionals Party

~This will be a private party at the Porn Palace (415 Jessie St. right across the street from Mezzanine) for only 350 people and a 100% benefit for the Opulent Temple.

~There will be no flyer, and e-promotion will take place inside the communities only.

~Entry w/ pre-sale only guaranteed until midnight. Party goes 10p-5a.

~Professional party attire is a given. (Obviously we're not talking business suits here people! We're talking funky, playa, furry, sexy, colorful, different, fun!)

Tickets are $25, and will include your choice of one of the following gifts from us upon arrival.

**Opulent Temple T shirt, available in men and women's styles
**3 CD set of Hybrid live from the OT in 2004
**3 CD set of D:Fuse live from the OT in 2004
**2 CD set of The Scumfrog live from the OT in 2004
**2 CD set of Lee Coombs live from the OT in 2005
**2 CD set of The Scumfrog live from the OT in 2005
**2 CD set of Syd Gris live from the OT, one from '04, one from '05
**1 CD set of Jeffrey Allen live from the OT in 2005
**2 CD set of Syd Gris live from Mighty-3-31 prog set and 4-21 breaks set
**2 CD set of Vinkalmann CD mixes
**Others may be available the night of the party.

DJ's include OT pros...
Syd Gris, Dutch, Hoj, Jeffrey Allen, Nathan Vain, Vinkalmann, Daniel Cain, and Dulce Vita.

+ the 'drummin Texan' doing a special appearance closing set, and other friends Smoove, Melyss, Murphstar, Tamo and Jayo offering their support.

2 rooms of sound and nooks and crannies of fun only to be had at the Porn Palace. 2 bars with cheap drinks.

ON LINE PRE-SALES ARE SOLD OUT. Plenty of tix available at the door, especially if you arrive by midnight. -OR- pick one up at BPM Records before 8pm. 678 Fillmore @ Hayes.

Other cool shit to be announced...

* When we say 'professionals', we're just being cheeky! We don't mean business profressionals, sex professionals, or anything else - we mean party professionals, fun pros, quality party people. If you have to ask if that's you, well ....

July 15, 2006 12:08 PM, by Syd Gris

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