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Opel has never been about one kind of music, but one kind of party. A party that places a high value on friendliness, community, social action, and consciousness. As our banner reads, a party that values truth, beauty, love, and freedom. (And funky freaks too of course, we love freaks.)

We've decided to pick up some more official residents that help define what we're about, and to grace us with their talents more often that not. For that we are thankful and proud to have them as friends and partners in fun.

Smoove Smoove [more info] Space Cowboy and Gangster of Love brings the funky funky breaks
Miss Audry [more info] Her big heart and incredible resiliency is matched by her soulful house music.
DJ Hoj Hoj [more info] The Persian Elvis, bringing tribal progressive muscle with a soft touch.
Syd Gris [more info] The Dr. is in. It's his party, so he gets to plays whatever he feels like.
May 16, 2004 12:17 AM, by Syd Gris

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