Call to Community action: Oppose AB 74, The New “Rave Act”

Today I’m not writing to promote to you, I’m writing to you call us into action.
I’m sure most of you heard yesterday that our Bay Area’s own Assemblywoman Fiona Ma proposed legislation to ban all events on public property that have more than ‘3 and half hours of pre-recorded music’, their not so brilliant attempt to ban raves outside of established licensed clubs. It’s a misguided and rather draconian attempt to address some of the problems that took place at large events over the summer at the Cow Palace and LA Coliseum.
Though wrong in and of itself, this isn’t just about those more obvious ideas of what people call a rave. If passed, any event with dj’s on public property is illegal. EDM events on Treasure Island like the Treasure Island Music Festival or Ghost Ship? Banned. NYE or Halloween parties at City Hall? Banned. Any electronic music based event at the Bill Graham Civic? Banned.
It’s an utterly ridiculous response to what is a public health and legal issue (illegal drugs and people who are using them), and we as a community; top to bottom, young to old, fresh raver to jaded Burner, have to respond with our voices. So please see below the request to join a Facebook group and / or e mail list to get connected to a group organizing how we need to respond, including protesting, attending hearings, writing our representatives in the State Assembly and State Senate, and other things we can do to change the narrative on this issue and soundly defeat this law.
Please don’t assume someone else will do something so you don’t need to – you are someone else.
Spread the word!
Thanks and happy holidays!
~Syd Gris
Forward to ALL electronic music e-mail lists
Oppose the New Rave Act (AB74)

Assemblywoman Fiona Ma proposed legislation yesterday to ban large electronic music events in California. In her own words