Friday, June 4th : The Gemini Bash

Friday, June 4th :
Fun in Two’s : The Gemini Bash

Calling all Gemini’s and other fun loving members of the Zodiac …
To celebrate those fun loving Gem’s, we’re putting together a ‘just for fun’ gathering of local heroes at Mighty for some community summer fun.
3 areas of music including outdoor area, Venus Tour Bus, and it happens to be Syd’s birthday, so we will be rocking it…
Only $10 bones all night.

Gemini being the third of the Sun Signs, prides itself on communications. Considered a curious, child-like soul of the Zodiac, forever seeking out new information.
Read more at Suite101: Gemini Sun Sign Personality and Traits: Revealing Gemini Zodiac Characteristics
“I Communicate” is the main drive for Gemini individuals. Discovering the world around them through various circumstances, is by and large, the life mission for this highly active, impatient and outgoing Sun Sign.
An Overview of the Gemini Character
The Gemini is mentally quick and good with words, but emotionally, this sign is often withdrawn. The Gemini has many other interesting characteristics, including the following traits.
Variations of mental and physical speed, combined with an amazing agility