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  • Opel 7 Year Anniversary : Part 1 w/ Meat Katie & Dylan Rhymes

    Opel 7 Year Anniversary :: Part 1, in association with Lot 49

    Saturday, April 25th @ Mission Rock w/ Meat Katie & Dylan Rhymes

    To celebrate 7 years of gatherings with purpose, of an attempt at conscious parties with kick ass line ups, of beautiful memories and building community, of …


  • OPEN LETTER TO BARACK OBAMA : from Jello Biafra

    from Jello Biafra


    Dear Mr. Obama,
    Congratulations on your recent victory, and for helping build such a strong mandate for change. In that spirit, please do not forget the other aisle you need to reach across. All the relief and publicity for the …


  • Thrust Underground w/ Lee Coombs

    Opel & Lee Coombs presents

    Thrust *Underground* :: Friday, April 3rd.

    After Lee Coombs’ (Lot 49 / leecoombs.co.uk, UK) recent big SF shows, we wanted to flip the script and do an intimate, dark & dirty gig. If you missed us on NYE, this is a rare chance to get …


  • Hyper :: Saturday, February 28th

    Opel presents


    Opel presents Hyper, in the Catacombs at Temple. We’re very excited to finally gt Hyper back in our rotation. Hyper has stayed ahead of the curve as his pioneering breaks sound has evolved in an indie nu-disco kick that keeps the intensity of his past productions. Doing …


  • Miles Dyson : February 13th

    Opel & Strategik

    Miles Dyson (Germany) :: SF Debut Performance

    For our first big party of 2009, Opel & Strategik present the SF debut of Miles Dyson (Plasma Pool / Ministry of Sound, Germany). Miles rips! We guarantee you have rocked out to Miles Dyson tracks in many a set …


  • Early Eve Friday Belly Dance Salon

    Early Eve Friday Belly Dance Salon
    Before you head to Paradise Lounge for Miles Dyson, consider this……


  • Unfiltered Opel @ Shine : Saturday, January 10th

    Unfiltered Opel
    Our Last Joint at Shine (for a long while…)
    Saturday, January 10th.
    We’ve been jumping in and out of second Saturdays at Shine for a while, doing benefits, intimate get togethers, and often just giving the date to fellow promoters when we’re too busy. In 2009, as you …


  • Syd Gris & Alain Octavo – All Night Tag, Friday, 1-2-09

    This Friday, 1-2-09 :: FREE BEFORE 12M with sign up

    Time for for some hair of the dog, as the NYE weekend extends into a rare and special all night tag set from Syd Gris & Alain Octavo at the first Spundae of 2009. Alain and I will be covering …